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Question from anonoymous on 03-12-2013:

what are catholics suppost to do about healthcare with the mandate that has insurance companies paying for birth control etc. what are all of the people affiliated with ewtn doing? The clergy doesn't have to worry since they are exempt. I have anxiety and we have switched to medi share but I don't feel it will pay as much as reg insurance if something catastrophic happens to us. It's a double edge sword. I know many catholics that are keeping their reg insurance and they are good, caring, loving people. I can't believe they will be punished for keeping their insurance out of fear. I would appreciate any advice you may have and what you have done regarding this situation that has been forced on us by government. thanks

Answer by Judie Brown on 03-16-2013:

Dear Anon

The MANDATE is still being challenged in court by various entities and the U.S. Bishops are pressing for a law to protect us from the oppressive Obama mandate so right now we have to wait and see what is ultimately decided by the Court and the Congress.

I will note, however, that a few Bishops have already laid down the gauntlet and said they will go t prison before they comply. Time will tell.

Judie Brown