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Attending SSPX wedding
Question from Mary on 03-11-2013:

I have been invited to a friend's wedding, which will include an SSPX Mass. The couple was not permitted to have the nupital Mass at local parishes, so they are having it at the reception site. What is the status of the SSPX? I am a Roman Catholic and attend the Novus Ordo Mass regularly. Is it okay for me to attend this wedding? To receive Communion?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 03-12-2013:


SSPX priests ordinarily do not have faculties to preside at the marriages of Catholics. That means that your friend's marriage could be presumptively invalid. Also, Masses offered by SSPX priests are illicit (i.e., unlawful). For those reasons, I cannot recommend attending a nuptial Mass presided over by an SSPX priest. Since a wedding reception celebrates the marriage that presumably just took place, I cannot recommend attending the reception either. I can only suggest to you that you have nothing to do with this wedding other than perhaps sending your friend a letter expressing your love and prayers for her.

Michelle Arnold
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