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Communion fast
Question from J.B. on 03-07-2013:

When I finished my dinner, I looked at the time. I made note of the time because I didn't want to receive Communion unworthily. I went into the Communion line exactly one hour after finishing my dinner. I feel so guilty about receiving because I feel like I was watching the clock and not focusing on the Mass. I don't want to be scrupulous, but here I am worrying about this.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 03-08-2013:


All I can tell you is that you should not have worried, and you should not continue to obsess over this. You didn't do anything wrong. The Communion fast is for one hour before receiving Communion (not one hour before Mass). Next time there is a question of timing, just look at the clock before you go and your watch at Communion time. If it has been less than an hour, then make a spiritual communion and forgo sacramental Communion. Catholics are not required to receive Communion at every Mass they attend.

Michelle Arnold
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