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Openly gay lector
Question from R on 03-04-2013:

I just realized that one of the lectors at my church is openly gay. He and his partner go to church together and others in our church know. I found out because I was in church early saying the rosary and one of the EMHCs came and asked him, within my hearing, "How is your better half?" He says "he" is fine. A little later he says "Here he is right now." What is my responsibility here? Answer by Catholic Answers on 03-04-2013: R.-- Your responsibility is to avoid leaping to conclusions based on overheard conversation. Simply because this person was called a "better half" does not necessarily mean that the two are engaged in an illicit homosexual relationship. While the term better half does seem to indicate a spousal relationship, and you may well be correct, at this point all you have is assumptions based on listening to other people's conversation.

Unless and until such time as you have more evidence to substantiate the nature of this relationship (and in the event that happens, give the information to your pastor to deal with according to his best judgment of the matter), I can only recommend that you do your best not to think ill of other people through unjust assumptions and work on keeping custody of the ears.

Michelle Arnold Catholic Answers R.

I want to say that I was minding my ears. The fact is I was at church early and he happen to be sitting directly behind me. A Eucharistic minister came up openly asked him how is better half was. It is pretty obvious to me that they are gay and I will be asking my pastor about it. I refuse to put my head in the sand like some many in our church today. I am sick of waiting for more evidence when I feel it is our responsibility to start to question. What is wrong with asking my Pastor and say I could be wrong but I have a feeling he already knows.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 04-08-2013:

Dear R,

Then go ahead and ask your Pastor. It is his responsibility. What he does is up to him. You have performed your responsibility. Just be sure of the truth of what you are saying.

Dr. Geraghty