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Friend & Catholicism
Question from Pamela on 03-03-2013:

We have become friends with an elderly lady who loves the Lord, and she has attended some special Catholic Masses and get togethers with us. She confided in us that she thought of becoming Catholic at one time, but she was told by another Catholic that she would have to get special permission from the Pope to become Catholic. The reason she was given is because she had several children, and I presume they were out of wedlock. I suggested she go talk to a priest if she is serious about becoming Catholic, but is her past moral history a hindrance to becoming Catholic if she so desires?

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 03-04-2013:

Dear Pamela,

Her past sins are no hindrance. Part of being a convert is to confess your sins and be sorry for offending God. That is part of being a good Catholic too.

Dr. Geraghty