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Question from tjay on 03-03-2013:

A really difficult situation. I was away from my faith for many years and been back for many years. But whilst away, never received Holy Communion. However, once back, one day, I was at Mass (Funeral) sitting alongside my sister and her two daughters. Just before communion, asked my sister, as I could clearly see my neices were about to go (and it troubled me). Asked her. Have they been to confession. She was annoyed but advised neices not to go. (They hadnt been to Mass for years) It bothered me ever since. Was, I right!! Recently at a Wedding, before getting into that situation, same neices there, spoke to them before we went in and said to them, "many times I donot receive Holy Communion because Ive not been to confession but went to alter with my arms crossed. Also told them, one of my greatest spiritual experiences was doing such, with my arms crossed. " The Priest said something to the effect as he made the sign of the cross on my forehead "May Jesus Christ be in your heart and in your soul". I immediately felt a complete spiritual experience as If I was being thanked for witnessing ie not receiving holy Communion when I could have done. Dont think I was in a state of mortal sin just had been at a party night before and had took too much wine and didnt feel right about it. Dont know if it helps. My neices not back but when they do attend they go to alter for that very special blessing. So my advice for what its worth, tell her. Also tell her about the importance of being able to witness thanks TJay Also maybe someone could answer re too much wine thanks again God Bless Sorry just last thought, its too easy to go up ailse to receive. We all need to think are we right to receive

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 03-04-2013:

Dear TJ,

You did well.

Dr. Geraghty