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Receiving the Eucharist
Question from Gris on 02-26-2013:

I am not married in the Church and have not done my First Communion. Can I take part in receiving the Eucharist? I am ignorant when it comes to my religion. I never practiced it until now. But unfortunately I'm not getting any help from the priests at my church. They are never available and they don't return my calls. It is very discouraging but I'm determined to start learning my faith.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 02-27-2013:


I am sorry you are having such difficulty getting help from your parish priests. Unfortunately, your situation is complicated enough that I cannot evaluate it based on what you have stated here. I can only recommend that you write a letter to the parish, including your full contact information and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Explain your situation and ask for a reply. Please keep in mind that it is Lent right now, and so there can be some delay due to the busyness of the season. But if you do not receive any response, then send a letter to your bishop explaining the situation (enclose a copy of the letter you sent to the parish so he can see the steps you've taken to contact the parish priests). God bless and welcome home!

Michelle Arnold
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