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People of other reigious faiths
Question from Jim E Jones on 02-25-2013:

I'm trying to understand and learn more about my faith.

My question is, can people of other religious faiths be granted into Heaven? (i.e.Protestants,Jews,Hindus,ect.) People, who besides their religious faiths, lead morally decent lives. Say someone like Gandhi, who was Hindu. Even though was not a Christan would he still be granted eternal life in Heaven?

Thank You.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 02-28-2013:

Dear Jim,

The Church has always taught that those who have no knowledge of Christ through no fault of their own can be saved. That was the condition of all human beings since the time of Adam and Eve before the coming of Christ. They can be saved by following their conscience, the voice that God has instilled in every human being.

Dr. Geraghty