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Catholic Church on Teilhard de Chardin
Question from NH on 02-20-2013:

Dear Dr Geraghty In the little book of daily readings during lent offered at parishes,I read about Cardinal Henri de Lubac."Pope Pius XII forbade him to teach (as priest)for 8 years because of his writings in defense of controversial teachings by Teilhard de Chardin." Then Pope John XXIII named Fr de Lubac as a consultant to help prepare for the second Vatican Council. Then Pope Paul VI appointed Fr de Lubac to the theological commission as expert. Also, Pope Benedict XVI spoke in positive way of Teihlard de Chardin. Having a brother who drifted away from the Church teachings after reading Teilhard de Chardin, my question is this :can we know once for all if the philosophy of Teilhard de chardin is in agreement with the teachings of the Church.I appreciate your comments Nicole.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 02-28-2013:

Dear Nicole,

When Teilhard was read in the 1960's and 70"s there was a great deal of confusion about the faith. The key point is whether he accepts the teachings of the Church as coming from God. That's the main point. That is the difficult point. It is not easy to take that stand in the world today. It was never easy. Keep praying for your brother.

Dr. Geraghty