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Valid vs. Illicit Consecrations
Question from Rose D. on 02-19-2013:

A friend of mine is attending Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Chapel in Eligin, Illinois and the priest, Fr. Brown, was ordained either by Bishop Thuc or within the Thuc line of ordinations. It's an independent "Catholic" chapel.

I was wondering if the priest is validly ordained or illicitly ordained, and could you explain the difference between the two?

Also if someone is truly a practicing Catholic should he or she be attending this chapel regularly?

Thank you! Rose D. p.s. Can you mail me the response too? Thanks.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 02-28-2013:

Dear Rose,

You would have to contact the Bishop of the diocese for that information. A priest may be validly ordained but not have permission of the Bishop to exercise his priesthood. Or he may have been ordained by a Bishop who is not in communion with the Pope. In both cases the mass would be legitimate but the priest would be committing a sin in disobey the Bishop. People who attend such masses are being rash for disobeying their Bishop.

Dr. Geraghty