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Disturbing find on Facebook re Pope
Question from Mrs. P on 02-17-2013:

I don't know who to put my question to. Yesterday I found on Facebook that the Pope has resigned in order to avoid being arrested by the ITCCS. Indeed, in disbelief I found that there is indeed such an organization and they have been trying to arrest the Pope and other Vatican associates for crimes against humanity, pedophilia and GENOCIDE if you can believe that! Why are Catholics here (USA) kept in the dark about this?? Nothing is spoken in church. I've never heard of this organization until I googled it...does anyone at EWTN know what's going on? Was the Pope really forced to resign or be arrested?!

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 03-04-2013:

Dear Mrs. P.

You have to realize that there is all kinds of malicious gossip about the Pope and the Church today. You can't bother with it. If you pay too much attention to it all, you lose your peace of soul and get filled with all kinds of talk about conspiracy theories, plots, etc etc. I have heard of someone who got so scared that she did not go to church anymore. Certainly there is sin in the Church. But the sins to worry about are our own because it they that we are responsible for. And so we say our prayers to counter those sins both within and without the Church. The Pope himself said he was getting too old to carry the burden. He has been in the public eye for eight years. That will turn even a younger man into and old man in pretty quick order.

Dr. Geraghty