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Question from archie p chisholm on 02-14-2013:

at mass the priest will raise his arms and hands up when saying the Our Father prayer.Can I raise up my arms and hands up to my chest when saying the Our Father prayer ,but not as high as the priest's. I was talking to Fr.Doug today he said that he has to do at mass ,he said that he could not see where I could not do it. Fr. Doug said that he would not be offended if I raised up my arms and hands. can you send me the info.I need to be sure that I am doing what is right, don,t want to do something that is wrong. archie p . chisholm

Answer by Judie Brown on 02-16-2013:

From the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website:

"Some Catholics are in the habit of holding hands in the 'Orans' posture during the Lord's Prayer along with the celebrant. Some do this on their own as a private devotional posture while some congregations make it a general practice for their communities."


"No position is prescribed in the present Sacramentary for an assembly posture during the Lord's Prayer."

Judie Brown