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Question from L. S. on 02-11-2013:

Hi-I would like to ask a question of your hosts of Catholic View for Women and I believe it was Episode 13. On there, I believe Teresa Tomaeo spoke about or inteviewed a doctor about women's medical issues. She spoke of this type of doctor finding out the underlying causes of women's physical problems instead of just handing out birth control pills. I need to get some information about these doctors and where I might find one. I have a young friend of the family who is having issues and her doctor, like so many others, hands out the pill instead of trying to help her condition. I tried searching the website for a direct email to this show, but I couldn't find one. I also tried pulling up this episode but there didn't seem a way to view it. So, if someone could find out this info and email it to me, I would be most appreciative. She would like to get some help because she would like to have a child. Thanks for your time and effort. Linda

Answer by Judie Brown on 02-14-2013:

If you go to the Catholic View for Women home page online, you can submit your questions and comments there.

Judie Brown