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Mayor Ed Koch
Question from Emma on 02-08-2013:

Why did the National Catholic Register run a puff piece on former New York Mayor Ed Koch after Koch's recent death? The man supported abortion rights and the homosexual agenda!

Answer by Catholic Answers on 02-08-2013:


First of all, the essay is an opinion piece, written by Bill Donohue of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. The Register published the article but clearly labeled it to be "opinion." Secondly, Mr. Donohue states that there were areas of significant disagreement between Mr. Koch and Catholics, particularly those in the hierarchy of the Church.

But Donohue's focus is to eulogize Koch for Koch's love for Catholics, friendship with the late Cardinal John O'Connor, and the good that he did for citizens of New York. A eulogy is not the place to rake up old disagreements that can be presumed to be a "given."

Frankly, I think it is a shame that some people seek to be scandalized when a good man who was a flawed human being is praised for the good that he did. Perhaps those people should put their minds to wondering what a muckraker might have to publish about their own flaws when they die (cf. Matt. 7:2).

Michelle Arnold
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