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Quiet in church
Question from R.F. on 02-06-2013:

We have the most wonderful man in our church. He is there at every Mass, helps prepare the altar, lights candles, stands in for altar servers when they don't show up, stands in for EMHCs who are not there, helps with RCIA, locks the doors, turns off the lights, etc.

One problem. We always say the rosary before Mass and he is talking out loud in a very audible voice as people are coming in. I try to ignore it and I have noticed other people being distracted as well. This is not just in the foyer or entrance, but in the church where the rosary is being recited. I am very reluctant to say anything because I am so grateful for all the wonderful things he does for the church and the community as well.

Shoud I just keep quiet and ignore the problem and be grateful he is there or say something to our priest?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 02-08-2013:


Say something to the priest, making sure to affirm that you know and appreciate all the good this man does for the church. If you don't do so, sooner or later someone is likely to get fed up and speak unkindly to the man (which you can point out to your priest if he is reluctant to say anything). It would be better if a gentle admonishment comes from the priest, sooner rather than later.

Michelle Arnold
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