Holding rosary beads during Mass
Question from Ken on 01-28-2013:

The previous pastor at our parish made a big deal out of people holding their rosary beads in their hands during the Mass. He indicated that this was being disrespectful to the sacrifice of the Mass, he even mentioned not allowing people that did so to receive Communion. Your comments, please.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 01-30-2013:


The pastor probably assumed that those holding a rosary during Mass were praying the rosary (a private devotion) during Mass, and felt that he should instruct his congregants to direct their attention to the public liturgy of the Church. I am not unsympathetic to his concern, although merely holding a rosary does not necessarily mean someone is praying the rosary and certainly someone should not be denied Communion merely because that person wants to hold a rosary.

Michelle Arnold
Catholic Answers