etopic pregnancy
Question from worried mother on 01-24-2013:

I am worried about the syptoms I am having due to pain. I have not started my cycle. I was excited to think that we would be having another child yet now I am worried about this pain in my back on left side. There seems to be no way of saving an etopic pregnancy and now I am fearing the worst! What can I do? What does the church teach? Do I wait it out or do I go into the doctor? I worry about them terminating the pregnacy or wait at home & just let God take care of it. Please help me understand the chuch teaching.

Answer by Judie Brown on 01-29-2013:

Dear Wondering

There is no way I can ask a doctor for an answer to your predicament. What you have told me is simply too vague. You need to see your doctor who can determine the best course for you.

Judie Brown