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Catholic Schools - Are they for the middle class who are open to life?
Question from David on 01-21-2013:

My wife and I are middle class and use NFP. We have 4 children. The cost of a Catholic HS in my area exceeds $11K per year. (For us that would be $176K) The school does offer financial help, but only to those who are poor, not to the middle class. Everyone I know who has sent their children (2) to the Catholic HS is not open to life, either by sterilization or use of the Pill.. Everyone I know who is using some form of NFP has not sent their children to the HS; they typically have more than 2 children which makes the cost prohibitive, and the school has become in our mind more "prep" than Catholic. In this year of Faith, can something be done about this??? Those who are Faithful are not attending, those who are not -are.

Answer by Judie Brown on 01-29-2013:


This is a problem in many dioceses throughout the nation and until the Bishops get in line and demand Catholic teaching in those schools and the proper attitude toward tuition and other such concerns you will continue to see the failure of such schools to cater to big families and do what is necessary to advocate for their children attending. There are ways of doing that but not when the number one priority is money.

Judie Brown