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Question from Yanet on 01-19-2013:

Hi Judie, Thank you for answering my quetion. However I would like to make sure I'm understanding this correctly. Right now I am 10 weeks pregant. If God puts me in the position where I develop a heart condition or some other complication like Cancer where the only chance of survival would be an induction. I would have no choice but to die ? I'm trying to understand the quote you anwered me back with. Please clarify it. If tomorrow I would be in this situatio I would like to be able to make the right choice even if it means putting my own life in danger.

Answer by Judie Brown on 01-29-2013:

Dear Yanet

If such a thing were to occur, your doctor would do everything he could to save you and your baby without intending to kill either of you. Today's medicine is so advanced that the chance of confronting the scenario you describe is extremely rare, but if it did occur the doctor could not ethically INTEND to kill either of you. By doing all he could to save both of you, should he lose the baby, it would not be considered a direct abortion but a sad outcome from a valiant attempt to save both lives.

Judie Brown