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Boy or Girl
Question from Taryn on 01-16-2013:

Hi Judie,

I am pregnant with our 4th child and due to an early ultrasound we are pretty sure but not yet positive the baby is a girl. We also have 3 daughters. People always ask if we are trying for a boy. And I have even heard people talk about ways to conceive a boy or girl. This is crazy to me. I always pictured myself having at least one of each but that may not happen and my husband and I are quite fine with that but people seem to think that for lack of better terms stinks. We wanted 4 children regardless of what sex they were. Is it normal or OK for someone to want one or the other or are we to be happy with a happy healthy baby that only God can provide? Some people act as if it is so sad if we don't have a boy and that we are missing out. I am almost insulted with such comments and what is the best response? Thanks for your incite!

Answer by Judie Brown on 01-18-2013:


We are called by God to trust in HIs will which means welcoming the children He sends to us regardless of their gender. By the way, my daughter has six sons and she gets grief all the time.

Judie Brown