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Another prophet after Jesus?
Question from John on 01-16-2013:


I am currently engaged in research regarding early Christianity and the Middle Ages, particularity with the rise of Islam. In doing so, I cannot help but notice a number of references in the Bible that seem, one way or another, to point to someone who will come after Jesus. It is apparent that Muhammad had succeeded Jesus Christ. Can you confirm?

(Bible - John 14:26) & (Holy Quran 61:6) is just one of many 'proofs'. I wish to discuss this matter further if that is possible, as there are a number of verses in the Bible that seem to be, in a way, not to sound rude, controversial.

Thank you

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 01-16-2013:

The Church teaches that there is to be no further public divine revelation or prophet after Jesus Christ. We await his return in glory and judgment upon the Earth but no more. Muhammad was a fraud and Islam is a false religion that has misled millions of souls.

Thanks, John

Father Echert