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re: Loretta Young Not a Saint
Question from Frank on 01-15-2013:

Dear Judie;

I don't want to keep you long, but I'd like to briefly address the whole Loretta Young/Clark Gable story. It is true that she did have a love child by him, but she didn't keep it a secret all her life. In fact, she admitted the truth to her daughter about a decade or so before her death. I believe that she had also slipped 1 or 2 more times as well.

The point is, that Loretta Young was not a saint, and she'd be the first to tell you that. (In fact, she was reluctant to reveal all this to her autobiographer, for fear that she'd be seen as a hypocrite). But she kept going through it all, and that I think speaks volumes for her character.

God Bless You,


Answer by Judie Brown on 01-18-2013:


Thank you for this loving statement and history lesson.

Judie Brown