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Moral Sin
Question from Anonymous on 01-13-2013:

Hello. I am a Catholic teenager. I try to be very devote. Everything I do, I try to do in the name of God (respectfully). I look forward to weekly Church, and I pray Novenas and the Rosary every day. I adore reading “The Baltimore Catechism” and I have recently really dug into the Bible. My overall point with this is that I strive to be good. However, I find myself having back thoughts. Whenever this happens, I start singing songs of Adoration (such by bands like Hillsong). I can get angry with my siblings sometimes, and I let my sharp tongue get the best of me, especially when dealing with one of my brothers. I don’t often let myself curse or take God’s name, and I try to (literally) preach the word as much as possible. My question is this. How do I stop sinning? I will evaluate my conscious at night. I realize that, not only do I sin, but I commit moral sins. If I don’t go to confession one week, I feel horrible. If I die…I don’t want to go to Hell. If I die in the state of moral sin, I will go to Hell.

While the some of the sins I consider to me moral not really are (because not all the three requirements of a moral sin aren’t present), I worry myself with the thought of possible death. How is it possible me to stop committing moral sins? It is so confusing and worrying... Just to be clear, some examples of the moral sins I have committed would be: sympathizing with the Gay Rights Groups, failing to pray to God for an extended period of time, receiving Confirmation in the state of moral sin, receiving Holy Communion in the state of moral sin, and not accepting some beliefs of the Catholic faith. I have confessed all these sins, received and fulfilled my Penance, and been forgiven…but they continue to weigh on me. I also have several that I haven’t mentioned.

I just want to be good. I turn to the Rosary, Church, and Holy Scripture to guide me, but dying and realizing that I have to go to Hell is my worst nightmare…Thank you.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 04-08-2013:

Dear Anon,

You might have a case of being too scrupulous. Talk to a good priest about it and save your self a lot of mental torture.