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Re: Hospice
Question from Olivia on 01-12-2013:

Dear Judie--My mother-in-law passed away in a nursing home in 2007 at the age of 95. It was a good, well-run facility, and she was under hospice care for several months. My husband was present when she took her last breath. Her death was not in any way hastened by hospice; on the contrary, the care they gave her was compassionate and competent. I have a good friend whose husband passed away two months ago--he had a terminal brain tumor and died at home, also under hospice care. Again, the care was good, and he died a dignified and peaceful death. I don't think hospice should be condemned outright. There are good and bad in all aspects of medical care. I am a breast cancer survivor, and should I ever need care in the future for cancer that has spread and is causing pain, I would not hesitate to call hospice.

Answer by Judie Brown on 01-14-2013:


I did not condemn HOSPICE outright but rather provide people with the guidelines we published in the Celebrate Life magazine a few years ago. There are amazing, wonderful hospice i and hospice home care. You are right.

Judie Brown