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Can a Catholic join Moose Lodges
Question from Kathy Colaianni on 01-06-2013:

My Son just announced to me that he has joined the Moose Lodge Association through a friend he works with, who invited him to one of their meetings.

I'm concerned because to me it sounds very masonic. What is this organization about? Is a Catholic allowed to join this organization? My son is very stubborn and will do whatever he wants and will not listen to me, he is 36 yrs. old still single. My husband and other knights of Columbus have had him join the knights, but he discontinued because probably there were no one his age there at the time. Now he doesn't want to hear about it. He says at the Moose lodge, they help needy children and families, I think this is what attracted him. I read something that this organization requires their members only to believe in a Supreme Being. Riccardo's Catholic faith is very luke warm, and has told me he gets very bored at Mass, but fortunately he still goes whenever he feels like it. I feel very concerned and worried about him.

Kathy Colaianni

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 01-06-2013:

Dear Cathy,

Does anyone out there know anything about the Moose-lodge Association? Are they connected with the Masons. At any rate, Cathy, keep praying for your son.

Dr. Geraghty