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Loretta Young
Question from Rob on 01-06-2013:

Hi Judie,

Today, January 6, 2013, is the 100th anniversary of actress Loretta Young's birth. She was not only one of the most popular stars of the Golden ages of movies and television but perhaps the most famous practicing Catholic of Hollywood. During her life she gave her time & money to support countless charities including the fight against abortion. For her beliefs she was often ridiculed.

Why is it today there is virtually no mention of her birthday on the Internet? If it was Marilyn Monroe or Katherine Hepburn, every news site in the country would be covering their 100th birthday.

Answer by Judie Brown on 01-10-2013:

Dear Rob

A very good question indeed. People of virtue are easily ignored in our age of sensationalism. Loretta Young was and still should be a role model for women.

Judie Brown