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conflicting statements about birth control and hospice
Question from anonymous on 01-05-2013:

Dear Mrs. Brown, There seems to be conflicting information given. First by Michelle Arnold, I see she answered a question about the pill being okay to take if it is for medical reasons, even if it causes abortion. Then, by Dr. Geraghty about Hospice. Someone asked a question about Hospice being okay, and he said something like keep it up. Well I know for a fact there is problems with Hospice. ( A lot of them) Why aren't we all on the same page. Did I miss something?

Answer by Judie Brown on 01-10-2013:

Dear Anonymous

What you find on my Forum is substantiated and documented by fact as well as Catholic teaching, and that includes the truth about the pill and the dangers of hospice, because as you point out, not all hospice facilities are good.

I cannot speak for other Forum responders. I hate to back away from a direct reply but that is the best I can do. You should probably ask the people who have provided answers you question. That is what I would do.

Judie Brown