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Matt. 6 vs19-24 19 vs20-24
Question from Duane R. Lindner on 12-28-2012:

When I watch Mass being telecast from Rome, I see much gold on the altar. My question is doesn't this contradict what the verses are trying to say or is the Pope exempt? I would really like to know the answer to that.There so many poor people in what they refer to as third world.It seems like we could put some of that gold to use. Thanks,Duane

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 02-17-2013:

Dear Duane,

God put Adam and Eve in charge of the whole earth. They were to use it in glorifing God. They were rich as were their children. But they disobeyed God. And ever since then there has been competition between men for the goods of this earth. The lesson of Christ is that all men should be detached from the goods they have. They should be poor in spirit. The rich have to be generous with their goods. The poor cannot be resentful of them. Otherwise they will be consumed with envy. And if they do happen to get rich, they will often turn out to be quite hard hearted. Now are the rich the only ones with hard hearts? Can't the poor be that way? Religion is for eveyone, rich nations as well as poor ones. What's wrong with honoring God with gold and silver? Is religion just for the poor and the impoverished? Is it not possible for the well to do to create great churhes and monuments dedicated to God so that everyone can enjoy their beauty?

Dr. Geraghty