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RE: Your recent marriage inquiries
Question from Mrs.M on 12-28-2012:

Along with the great advice you have given to a couple marriage,annulment,divorce inquiries lately, may I offer to the dialogue and counsel a vital component: I bring to you Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora, wife, mother, member of the Third Order of the Holy Trinity. There is a Trinitarian Order around Baltimore. And worth a look to google her life story-- there is a free download book-- and the prayer for her assistance. Her body is in Italy. I cannot believe how so many couples mirror her own life and marriage. She is a great intercessor, hand-picked by God for these times. She was elevated by Pope John Paul 2 in the Year of the Family. These cases I am reading, she would understand- - she was there. So, she will help! Definitely talk to a good-counseling priest, a Catholic therapist,too, but also look to our sister-friend, Blessed Elizabeth, who God has given married couples for bizarre cases such as these. She was so totally there! Her husband came to his senses later and became a priest after her death-- this man who was so completely unhinged when they got married. Not that we all have to copy her, but her Catholic witness and holiness has much to say. And I repeat, I have seen her in action, she is a powerful intercessor! No matter what happens, she is close in many ways to the spouses in such cases.

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 01-02-2013:

Happy to pass this along. Happy New Year

Father Echert