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interfaith marriage
Question from Mike Ingham on 12-27-2012:

Recently I received an invitation to my nephew's wedding. He is marrying a non-catholic. Later I was informed that my brother who I feel is a devout catholic, was asked to performed the marriage and has obtained a justice of the peace license to do so. I am concerned about this entire situation as far has how the curch views this in regards to my nephew and my brother since they are catholics. What would you advise?

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 02-17-2013:

Dear Mike,

That is a very messy situation. What does your brother the Catholic say? In this regard he is not helping either himself or the Church. Can you speak with him? He is making religion a side issue whether he intends to or not. Well, at any rate speak to him.

Dr. Geraghty