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re Forced to attend Church
Question from tjay on 12-27-2012:

Hope this might help. like this young person. I was raised in a strong Catholic tradition and up to about 17/18 defended my faith like a lioness. However, life got in the way and I very very badly strayed. I felt nothing /for the church and questioned everything. Riches of vatican etc and a whole host of things. Stopped going to Mass and even on a holiday with my parents/refused to go to Mass not even for them (which I bitterly regret). But, I didnt see the point. I didnt believe and I was my own person. My saving grace was I wanted to believe (I think)and would now and then go into an empty chapel and sit in front of the tabernacle and say I feel nothing. This went on through my twenties. Noway was I attending Mass when it was just saying empty words no feeling. But aged 33/ I think through my mothers prayers /I had a major instant converstion, it really was a Damascus moment and the utter joy I felt and the over the top transformation of my house. HOLY PICTURES EVERYWHERE. Calmed down a year later, but my faith still very very strong (55 now)and my repentence huge for all my sins. My point. My parents kept that door open/through prayer and on my back!!!!!!. THANK GOD FOR THEM and their love for me as your parents have for you. So young person. If you feel nothing, ask God through Jesus for the grace. The fact you wrote to EWTN/ I think shows you are asking. Suggest/ Go in your own time/sit quietly in front of tabernacle and ask/tell Jesus all. Even if you think you dont believe. Just go quietly and speak. I did do that for my parents.(albeit didnt tell them, why would I!) Try it and leave your heart/spirit open. God Bless thanks Tjay

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 01-06-2013:

Dear Tjay,

Thanks very much for your note.

Dr. Geraghty