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Question from leon schwartz on 12-27-2012:

I don't understand the significance of what was happening when Jesus was casting out the demons and one of them asked to be allowed to enter the swine and then they in turn are drowned. why did they wish to enter swine if their intention was to drown them and what would this have accomplished for them, etc. What are we to learn from this?

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 12-28-2012:

The devils would prefer to be anywhere and in any circumstances on Earth rather than in hell, not only because their suffering may be lessened while they are away but they also take pleasure in leading souls into sin and damnation. The fact that the pigs went off a cliff and into the waters suggest that our Lord may have sent them back to hell, in effect. Until the end of time, at least some devils are allowed to roam the Earth, but at the end of time, all devils and damned souls/bodies of humanity will be bound in hell.

Thanks, Leon

Father Echert