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Are you should you understood....
Question from RH on 12-26-2012:

...the post by "Ann"? It was more than sarcastic and it is a common attack by abortion supporters. Use the term 'zygote' or 'egg' and the unborn are relegated to something less than human. Somehow, one is pitted against the other and how dare you claim one is the 'equal' of the other.

This is one way how early abortion is justified.

Answer by Judie Brown on 12-30-2012:


A human being is a person from creation and the bottom line in the argument is that the act of abortion, whether occurring at a day after creation or six months, is still a crime against humanity. I think Ann was asking a question every American must answer: is the human being prior to birth equal to each and every one of us who have been born.

The answer of course is yes.

Judie Brown