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Why does the book of Genesis use God in the plural tense! Question from on 12-01-2012:
Question from Stu on 12-25-2012:

In a Catholic bible study course we were told the use of the plural referred to the Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Thus the wording let us create man in our image.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 12-25-2012:

Dear Stu,

You have to remember that the the writer of this verse, a human being, could not have know that the One God is three divine persons. Now we believe that God inspired the writers of the Old Testament. This means that God knows more than any of the writers. Therefore we can say that, while they did not understand the truth of the Holy Trinity, they used words which were open to that interpretation. But that interpretation could only have been given after Christ revealed the truth of the Holy Trinity. Before this revelation the image of God in man was of the One God. After the revelation the image is that of the Holy Trinity in man.

Dr. Geraghty