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Wrong or questionable answers on radio
Question from Joe Hopwood on 12-25-2012:

I occasionally hear statements as fact that I am reasonably sure are wrong on some of the programs on EWTN radio. Two recent ones were that yoga for exercise was a sin and then some said there was no requirement for abstaining from meat on Fridays except during lent. I can find nothing about yoga as exercise is a sin and have even found on Catholic web sites that it is good for back ailments. As to the meat on Friday one is allowed to subsitute some other form of penitence but the requirement is still there. I am sure some folks take what they hear as being the truth without questioning and I feel you have an obligation to make sure folks using your network are accurate. Correct forum is full.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 01-06-2013:

Dear Joe,

Taking yoga CAN be a sin. It depends on the circumstances. To go deeply into the practice and theory of yoga is dangerous to the faith. And it is true that some kind of penance on regular Fridays is still an obligation. But it does not necessarily not eating meat.

Dr. Geraghty