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Mother of God issue
Question from Danny House on 12-24-2012:

Growing up Baptist, I was told Catholics call Mary "Mother of God" as the Catholics worship Mary & they think Christ (so the protestant argument on Catholic "errors" went) got His God-ship aspects from her. Ergo, in Catholic belief Mary created God. Many Protestants make a fuss on the text actually saying "Mother of my Lord", instead of "Mother of God". If protestants say Catholics believe Jesus got His God qualities of Mary (via "Mother of God") then why don't they argue Jesus likewise got his "Lordship" from Mary as well?

The only Protestant Christian I know of who just may properly, repeat properly, disagree (ie valid information alongside valid interpretation) with Catholic beliefs, is Rev Billy Graham. The rest all fell for the misinterpretations/false witnessed version profered by fundamentalist/evangelicals/ex-Catholics.

Danny House

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 12-25-2012:

Dear Danny,

Try this one again. You lost me somewhere in your answer.

Dr. Geraghty