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Question from ann on 12-23-2012:

Dear Ms Brown:

A writer recently observed:

"I am struck by some of the language used by media and other spokesmen regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. They speak of lives cut short for the most vulnerable and innocent among us. It should be easy to see that abortion and terrible tragedy we are witnessing are connected as equal violations toward human life. President Obama shed a tear or two for the children and adults visibly before us who were killed in this senseless act of violence. We must pray that pro-abortion minded people, especially those with influence and in leadership, will have a moment of grace to see the connection and turn toward the path of respecting and defending life at all stages."

Perhaps we would do well to contact the people of Newtown and ask them if they share the sentiment. Do they experience the gunning down of children and their teachers in a school, by a mentally unbalanced young man is '... connected [to abortion]as equal violations toward human life.'?

As family and friends are burying their family members and friends, would they agree a zygote is their equal?

Answer by Judie Brown on 12-24-2012:

Dear Ann

Interesting and very true observations. Sadly our nation does not acknowledge, at least in the majority of cases, that the preborn at any stage of his development is an equal to those already born.

We have to persist, however, in making the case ... for the babies, for the Lord, for the restoration of moral sanity in the nation.

Judie Brown