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RE: Abortion absolution
Question from Anonymous on 12-23-2012:

Judy, I would just like to say something to the woman who wrote in about her four abortions. I'm not sure if she'll see this, or if you could forward this message to her. I just wanted to say that as long as you are alive, it is never too late for God's mercy and forgiveness. I would strongly recommend that she read the diary of St. Faustina about the Divine Mercy, and maybe even make praying the Diving Mercy chaplet a part of her daily prayer routine. In reading St. Faustina's writings, she will see how much Jesus desires the salvation of ALL souls and how readily He comes to the soul who desires forgiveness. It was by the grace of God that this woman was drawn to confession for her abortions, and that alone is a great sign that God is trying to draw her close to His heart. Have great trust in God's Mercy because the more a soul trusts the more it receives. God loves you and desires only your sanctity and salvation. He longs to pour His mercy upon your soul. Please read the diary if you already haven't, it will be life-changing. Never, never, NEVER give up hope! You are in my prayers. God bless and Merry Christmas!

Answer by Judie Brown on 12-24-2012:

Dear Anon

God bless you for this!