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Re: Desperate
Question from Vincent on 12-22-2012:

Dear Ms. Brown:

Thank you for your reply to my recent post regarding my struggles with disability. I want you to know that while it is still a daily struggle, I am beginning to get some spirit to carry on living. You mentioned Mark Pickup to me. I have read his blog that you suggested, as well as some of his columns. In your reply to my previous post, you stated:

"VINCENT, I am praying for you and pray also that you will communicate with Mark and learn from his own pain."

However, I have been unable to find any way to contact Mr. Pickup directly. If you know of an e-mail address or some other way to contact him, I would be glad to write him directly. If you do not wish to publish the information, you may always send me a private e-mail.

I am very grateful for your assistance and prayers. May you have a blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!

Answer by Judie Brown on 12-24-2012:


I have sent Mr. Pickup a copy of your email address and know he will contact you.

May the Lord bless you.