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Question from RC on 12-14-2012:

I read your response regarding the Divorce how we either have to reconcile with our partner or stay single the rest of your life.

I'm married over 25 years to a Narcissist Woman who has verbally and physcially abused me. The only reason I stay now is my kids are just teenagers and kids without a father studies show are more apt to get involved with drugs and/or alcohol and the suicide rate increase.

I have no intentions of reconciling with her and neither does she.

I need my sanity back and can't wait to get out. Her family has also abused me even to the point where FIL would repeatedly tell me that Jesus and the Gospel is full of Dung (used the word that began with S) because he thinks he is being funny. In fact, even if I had a difference of opinion, my wife woudl refer to me in private and in public that I am "F (F word) idiot.)

However, you did not metion an annulment and I marrried for the wrong reasons because I had NO SELF ESTEEM due to poor upbringing.

That being said, once I get my annulment, I hope to remarry a someday to a woman who respects me. Now if God is going to send me to hell for that, Why?

God did not create me to be miserable the rest of my life. Yet I am miserable. My wife even told my neighbor after I had surgery to remove a Cancer, my neighbor asked how I made out and my wife said, "Fine, I was just disappointed in the outcome."


Answer by Fr. John Echert on 12-27-2012:

I am sorry for your situation and separation/civil divorce seems warranted. As to annulments, remember that in my post to which you refer I was responding to a very specific question that regarded a spouse who argued that biblicallly it was wrong to reconcile, that is, to take back a spouse. Annulment is a separate issue; important, but not an issue in that post. God bless and assist you!

Father Echert