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Question from barrylindsay31466@yahoo.com on 12-14-2012:

How long does it take the church to academically prepare a person for evangelization? One year and then they receive confirmation?

I would also like to ask you if I am allowed to send you more than one question at a time? If I am could you please give me a number other than one at a time you would be willing to answer for me. The ones I have are not found on your FAQ's list.


Answer by Fr. John Echert on 12-28-2012:

This varied from parish to parish. The basic principle governing this would be that the appropriate authority--typically pastor--determines that the candidate has proper intention and instruction. Many parishes employ some sort of instruction program (many call it RCIA but many by another name) that typically begins with the start of the school season (September) and culminates with admittance of the candidates at Easter, often the Holy Saturday Vigil Service. Again, this can vary from parish to parish and in particular circumstances. Best to check with a local parish on policy.

I typically take only one Scripture question per post.

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Father Echert