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Christians and Catholics
Question from Nadine Feery on 12-14-2012:

I dont understand ...I thought Catholics were Christian? My mother n law and my neighbor who are Christians go to a well known Christian church called Calvery Chapel are always telling my daughter who is Catholic they dont believe in the Virgin Mary. Father Chris from my Church has even said he has been to Calvery Chapel and believes it is a good Church but we need to attend our church to recieve the sacraments. I am soooo confused or are my mother n law confused??

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 12-27-2012:

Catholic is Christian...period. With regards to any of the thousands of denominations and non-denominations that are not in union with the Catholic Church, they are not truly churches and their members are heretics and/or schismatics. Heresy regards false teaching and schism means separated juridically from the one true Church, such as the various Orthodox churches. The word "catholic" means universal and has its origin in the early Church, since there is one true Church found universally, where ever She exits. Lutherans follow the false teachings of Martin Luther, Baptists follow the false teachings of John Calvin, etc. Imagine if I were to break from the Church and start a religion called "Echertism" which included Christian baptism but also a host of heresies. Would my followers be true Christians? Many modern adherents of false denominations are very sincere and decent folks but they are badly misguided in matters related to the Faith.

Merry Christmas, Nadine

Father Echert