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Re: Embyo With Three Genetic Parents
Question from anonymous on 12-11-2012:

"or whether scientists are simply playing games with creating human beings because they can"

A simple google search reveals they did this to see if they could prevent a genetically inherited disease. It was nothing like Frankenstein, the story of a man who lost all humility and self awareness in the face of fulfilling his own mad vision. I morally disagree with the means used, but it was a medical experiment with a valid purpose. Of course we can have discussions on ethics and society, questioning when we go too far, but can we please not point fingers and cry sinner every time someone disagrees with us? The motive behind an action is extremely important, but you seemed to ignore it in this case completely.

Answer by Judie Brown on 12-14-2012:

Dear Anonymous

There is no valid purpose for eliminating human beings who may suffer from a genetic disorder. The simple description of such a practice is eugenics and it is wrong.

Judie Brown