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My son married a Jehovah's Witness
Question from arthur granville on 12-07-2012:

My 28-yr-old son married a JW nine years ago. This has placed him between the proverbial "rock and a hard place." He hasn't practiced his faith these last nine years, but hasn't totally lost his affinity to his Church. Does he have any viable options, or is he stuck in a marriage that isn't a marriage(Justice of the Peace) at all. They have given us three beautiful granddaughters. the JW wife is really a sweet and kind person, but is locked tight in her "religion." Her mother is ex-Catholic and lured her into the JW. She was baptized in the Catholic Church and received the sacraments. Thank You for pondering over this one. God Bless. Art Granville, concerned parent.

Answer by David Gregson on 08-08-2013:

Your son's marriage isn't valid, since a Catholic is obliged to be married in a Catholic rite, unless he receives a dispensation. Yet his best option would be stay with his wife, learn about his faith and practice it. I suggest he start by reading Theology for Beginners by FJ Sheed and progress to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Unless he practices his religion, he will have no influence at all over his wife's beliefs. If he does show evidence of his own faith, the seed of grace his wife received in baptism may begin to sprout. And with prayer the day may come when their marriage can be blessed by the Church.