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Abortion not confessed
Question from Jacki Cook on 12-06-2012:

My sister had an abortion 34 years ago. We are both Catholics but I am devout returned Catholic and she wants nothing to do with "organized religion". My biggest fear is that she will die one day in this state of grave sin, and out of ignorance, has not confessed this sin to a priest. She has professed great sorrow for the abortion and has two adult children now, but I want to explain to her that she MUST see a priest and confess. How should I go about persuading her without her considering me "preaching" to her. We have always been very close but she shares none of my fervent Catholicism and has no idea the joy that the faith can bring! Thanks.

Answer by David Gregson on 02-06-2014:

I think your best approach would be to let your sister see the joy you have in your Catholic faith rather than in pressing her to go to confession. It may help her lower her defenses if she sees that you have something she needs, without feeling threatened by it. You would have to be subtle about it, or else she will think you are putting on a show for her. Also pray, pray, pray, for her.