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Mary, the Mother of God
Question from Elizabeth Anne on 12-06-2012:

Why do many non-Catholics feel the need to argue with Catholics about the Virgin Mary being called the Mother of God? They seem to have a real problem with that title and claim we are placing Mary above God.

When I ask if they believe Jesus is God, the Word made flesh, they say He is the son (no capitalization of the S) of God but is not God. That God is just the Father, our Creator. I ask who they think the Virgin Mary gave birth to and they say that Jesus was just a human being and repeat that Mary did not give birth to God. They act like we think she created God the Father and think we should specify that Mary gave birth to the son of God or that if we believe in the Trinity ("if"?, we should refer to Jesus as God the Son.

As a Catholic, I cannot and do not separate the Divinity of Jesus from His being human. And it hurts me to see so many denying that Mary is His mother.

Please advise me on how to respond to issues like this.

God love and bless you, Elizabeth

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 12-23-2012:

Dear Elizabeth,

You have a good understanding of the question. It is just that you're dealing with centuries of misrepresentation and ignorance of the truth. Keep at it. There is nothing wrong with your answer. Remember that we have the HAIL to keep our minds straight. "Holy Mary, MOTHER OF GOD, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen" Most Protestants don't have the Hail Mary to remind them of the truth.

Dr. Geraghty