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Embryos With Three Genetic Parents
Question from Anonymous on 12-05-2012:

Science is getting further and further away from that which God intended. Scientists have now created embryos with one man and two women. Does this mean a child could now have two biological mothers? Or is the donor egg just to correct the intended biological mothers egg? When they remove the nucleus of an egg from a woman with mitochondrial disease and place it into a donor egg with normal mtDNA, is the donor or the woman with mitochondrial disease the mother? Or does the child now have two biological mothers? Any idea?

God help this world!


Answer by Judie Brown on 12-10-2012:

Dear Anonymous

The three parent embryo, is as you suggest, the result of genetic manipulation and yes, it does mean that the person created has three parents. What is not clear is whether or not a single one of these embryonic children is going to be allowed to live or whether scientists are simply playing games with creating human beings because they can.

Frankenstein has nothing on these people.

Judie Brown