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Seminary Education
Question from anonymous on 12-05-2012:

Hello, I am a college student interested in becoming a Catholic seminary teacher, and I have much to ask. Where can I find information on the academic requirements for this particular career?

I will begin courses towards a BA in Religious Studies at Missouri State University in the Spring of 2013 - I am wondering whether I'm going in the right direction? Or do I need to go for the BA in Philosophy instead?

I was also planning to complete their Master's program, but I believe I would need a Master's in Theology, Divinity, or Faith, is that correct? How do these differ from one another and which should I pursue? Would I need to attend a Catholic institution for one of these Master's degree then (since MSU does not offer them)?

We are also required to choose a minor - if I go with Foreign Language, which of the Greek, Hebrew, or Latin language should I focus on?

To what extent do I need to study (take courses in) other major, world religions?

Thank you

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 01-06-2013:

Dear Anon,

Talk your situation over with a priest who knows something about academia or a solid lay Catholic in academia. It will not be easy to find your way. At any rate, Greek or Latin would be a good start.

Dr. Geraghty