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12/25 Christmas
Question from Frank V. on 12-05-2012:

Dear Father, I am not sure which came first, but there are three feast that "hang" together. The Annunciation, the birth of John the Baptist and Christmas: MARCH, JUNE, DECEMBER. You only need to date one accurately. I happen to have recently received an article "Why is christmas on December 25th?" It quote St John Chrysotom. It was published in the December 1963 issue of "Immaculata" magazine. Some of those may be found on the Militia Immaculata web site.

Thank you, God Bless you

PS: for those interested in history type questions I recommend Dr. Warren H. Carroll's History of Christendom. It's about 6 volumes and if discard the footnotes it reads easily like a novel. FV

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 12-11-2012:

Thanks for the info, Frank. God bless.

Father Echert