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Question from Kerry on 12-04-2012:

Dear Judie,

Am I correct in my thinking that God is able to open the heart of my husband that is a bit hesitant about adoption due to financial reasons ect. Can my prayer help in this case? Is it truw that if we follow God's will that financially all will be okay? Thank you and thanks for your previous answer to my question.

Answer by Judie Brown on 12-10-2012:

Dear Kerry

If the two of you trust in God and pray for discernment I am positive you will be guided to make a decision that supports adoption and also reveals the road to being able to make this happen.

I know what a challenge it is financially for any couple to adopt, and have met couples who have had to save for a long period of time, have gotten involved in creative financing or have waited a year or so until they were financially in a better place to adopt.

I will pray that the two of you are guided by the Holy Spirit.

Judie Brown